{Latest 2018} Top 5 Ho Chi Minh City Guest Friendly Hotels

Ho Chi Minh City is a sprawling city in Vietnam that sets the economic and cultural pace of the country. The Vietnamese and especially HCMC women are among the sexiest ladies in South-east Asia. I decided to keep things simple and add only Ho Chi Minh City guest friendly hotels to my list. A majority of these hotels are located centrally in District 1. It is close to the bar girl and freelance option that Saigon offers.


Being a Communist country, the hotels in Vietnam follow much more authoritarian rules than their Thai counterparts in terms of foreigners sharing a hotel room with native girls overnight. Those that do allow you to share your room will shrewdly double your overall bill by charging for an extra room. Only 25 hotels could be termed as Ho Chi Minh City guest friendly hotels, of the total 180 hotels that I called as they responded positively in favor of bringing back a guest (girl) at no surplus charge. So if you want to save your money, choose only from my list of Ho Chi Min City guest friendly hotels and avoid any unwanted surprises.

I took time out of my personal routine to contact each and every one of the hotels mentioned in my list of Ho Chi Min City guest friendly hotels to ensure that their policies regarding guests are still in place. We have added their replies along with the description of the hotel.


If you are new to Saigon and are looking to hook-up with sexy Vietnamese women then the easiest way is to visit the Hai Ba Trung street hostess in District 1. As soon as the clock strikes 7, the bars in district 1 open up and are hard to miss. Girls magically appear once you start walking past one of the bars, trying to lure you in. The bars are located at 91, 51, 49, 37 & 35. The names of the bars are based on the numbers, so you would find 91 bar’ at 91 Hai Ba Trung.

What are Ho Chi Min City guest friendly hotels?

A hotel in Ho Chi Minh City is termed as Guest Friendly, Bargirl friendly or simple Girl Friendly if it does not charge any extra money to take back an unregistered guest to your room. Depending on the hotel policy, a joiner fee can vary anywhere between $10 and $50. This rate could go even higher due to the stringent rules of the Vietnamese Government compared to their Thai counterparts. It is easier to get away with it during the day quite easily. Things get complicated after 10 PM though. For a foreigner and a woman from Vietnam to share a room overnight, they must have a valid marriage certificate.

Room Rates

$ $$ $$$ $$$$
< 1000฿ < 2000฿ < 3000฿ > 4000฿
26 EUR 53 EUR 79 EUR 114 EUR
28 USD 57 USD 86 USD 106 USD
37 AUD 74 AUD 112 AUD 149 AUD
40 NZD 78 NZD 117 NZD 155 NZD
221 HKD 443 HKD 665 HKD 886 HKD
40 SGD 81 SGD 121 SGD 161 SGD
37 CAD 74 CAD 111 CAD 149 CAD

List of Ho Chi Minh City Guest Friendly Hotels

  1. Ho Sen Hotel Ho Chi Minh City Guest Friendly Hotel


Located in District 1, Ho Sen hotel is one of the renowned guest-friendly hotels in Ho Chi Minh City. It is relatively close to the Apocalypse bar where there is a great probability of finding girls late at night. The hotel is value for money. Lots of local and international restaurants are located nearby. The rooms are comfortable and clean with Wi-Fi and have an abundant supply of toiletries. The guests (girls), must leave their ID at the reception for an overnight stay.

  1. Thien Xuan Hotel Ho Chi Minh City Guest Friendly Hotel


The hotel is centrally located and the policies allow visitors to stay overnight. The hotel is just a walk away from the restaurants, bars, and nightlife. The rooms are clean with excellent shower and free Wi-Fi. The staff is amicable and helpful. Generally, a marriage certificate is necessary for an overnight stay with a girl, but there is also the option for the guest to leave her ID at the reception during her stay without any additional charge on your part.

  1. Minh Vy Hotel Ho Chi Minh City Guest Friendly Hotel


The hotel has been recently renovated and provides excellent Wi-Fi. It is a top choice if you are looking for a budget guest-friendly hotel in Ho Chi Minh City list. The hotel is close to the nightlife, restaurants, and bars. The rooms are good with basic amenities such as LCD Tv, safe, aircon, tea/coffee maker etc. The best part is that the reception guy can assist you in finding girls that you can take back to your room.

  1. The Spring Hotel Ho Chi Minh City Guest Friendly Hotel


The 2-star hotel is located in District 1. The hotel provides all the basic amenities such as Wi-Fi, safe, and room service. The HCMC Police Department requires hotels to provide a list of in-room guests after 9:30 pm. The hotel suggests that you bring your guests before 10 pm. If the guest arrives after 10 pm then she must leave her ID at the reception. It is preferred that you book a double room to avoid extra charges. Or else there you’ll have to pay USD 6/night.

  1. Ha My 3 Hotel Ho Chi Minh City Guest Friendly Hotel


Located right downtown in the heart of the city, Ha My 3 hotel is a clean, decent hotel with average-sized rooms equipped with LCD TV and free Wi-Fi. You also get free breakfast with any room you book. The club is located near several nightclubs where you may find what you are looking for. The hotel does not charge any extra fee if you decide to bring back a guest with you to your room. This hotel is an excellent choice for budget-conscious travelers.

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