{Latest 2018} The Best 5 Hua Hin Guest Friendly Hotels

One of the very first renowned seaside attractions in Thailand, Hua Hin is located approximately 200 km away from Bangkok in the Prachuab Khiri Khan province. The place has been visited by upper-class citizens and members of Thai Royal Family. It has grown into a popular destination close to Bangkok where foreign and local tourists choose to spend their holidays. If you are planning to visit Hua Hin looking for some action, make sure you check our list of Hua Hin guest friendly hotels.


The nightlife in Hua Hin is not comparable to Bangkok or Pattaya but it has a decent number of bars to get you interested. If your objective in Hua Hin is to pick up girls who work in the beer bar, then I highly recommend you stay close to all the action by selecting a hotel from the Hua Hin guest friendly hotels list. Or you could rent a vehicle like a motorbike or a car and stay as far as you wish. Else, the only mode of transportation is the tuk tuk that charge a minimum of 100 THB (3.2 dollars) for a short distance. Your best option would be to select a hotel along the Phetkasem Road as it is the main road of the city.

There are 3 places where you are most likely to meet and pick up girls in Hua Hin-

  1. Soi Bintabaht
  2. Soi 80
  3. Soi Selakem

The most common location in the city to get a beer and pick up girls that you can bring back to your room is Soi Bintabaht. Even the tuk-tuk drivers will be aware of what you are looking for once you tell them to take you to Soi Bintabaht. Soi Selakem is in the vicinity of Soi Bintabaht and has a decent number of bars as well. Soi 80 is located on the Phetkasem Road that boasts of having busy beer bars.


You can find hotels that are on our Hua Hin guest friendly hotels list close to the above-mentioned areas.

What are Hua Hin Guest Friendly Hotels?

A hotel in Hua Hin is considered guest friendly/ bargirl friendly/ girl friendly if it allows a guest to stay overnight without any additional charge. Depending on the hotel policy, you may be charged a joiner fee ranging from $10 to $25 or even higher. Make sure you book from our list of Hua Hin guest friendly hotels when you travel to this beautiful beach resort town and avoid paying any additional charges. I have taken time out of my personal routine to gather information about the hotel policies with respect to guests.

Room Rates

$ $$ $$$ $$$$
< 1000฿ < 2000฿ < 3000฿ > 4000฿
26 EUR 53 EUR 79 EUR 114 EUR
28 USD 57 USD 86 USD 106 USD
37 AUD 74 AUD 112 AUD 149 AUD
40 NZD 78 NZD 117 NZD 155 NZD
221 HKD 443 HKD 665 HKD 886 HKD
40 SGD 81 SGD 121 SGD 161 SGD
37 CAD 74 CAD 111 CAD 149 CAD

List of Hua Hin Guest Friendly Hotels-

  1. Chaba Chalet Hua Hin Guest Friendly Hotel


Chaba Chalet is a decent budget hotel located between the nightlife hotspots of Soi 80 and Soi Bintabaht. You can find reasonably priced massage shops and restaurants near this hotel. The rooms are quite comfortable at this price range. The hotel allows your guest to stay overnight but keep in mind that you’ll have to bear the expenses for any damage incurred by your guest. There is no extra charge for an overnight guest at the Chaba Chalet.

  1. Sukkasem Guest House Hua Hin Guest Friendly Hotel


This guesthouse is located in the vicinity of the Hua Hin beach. The guest house is simple with basic amenities though some rooms have some amount of wear and tear.  The guest house is ideal if you want to stay close to the bars and nightlife activities of Hua Hin while still staying close to the beach. This guest house is guest-friendly and requires no additional charge when you bring back a female guest. No ID is required either but make sure your female friend is over the legal age.

  1. Royal Express Hua Hin Guest Friendly Hotel


Located near the Phetkasem road, the Royal Express Hua Hin was renovated in 2011. The rooms are in good condition. A lot of beer bars and massage shops are located close to the hotel. The hotel staff is amicable and responded well to our query. The hotel does not charge any extra amount if you decide to bring back an overnight guest. The guest must present her ID card on her arrival which shall be kept until she leaves.

  1. Citin Loft Hua Hin Guest Friendly Hotel


Citin Loft is one of the finest hotels located near the main road of Phetkasem. You can expect quality service at a decent price from this hotel. It lies somewhere between Soi 80 and Soi Bintabaht. The rooms are quieter despite many shops and restaurants being close to the hotel. The hotel does not charge any extra money for an overnight guest. The guest must present her ID card or passport at the reception for security reasons.

  1. Baan Manthana Hua Hin Guest Friendly Hotel


The hotel is located a couple of minutes away from the famous Hua Hin night bazaar. It will take you only 5 minutes on foot to reach Soi Bintabaht’s bars and 10 minutes to the beach. The rooms can cost a touch on the higher side, but the quality of the rooms is worth every ounce. The hotel does not charge any extra fee for an overnight guest. Though it is preferred to book a room for two and also have a valid ID card of your female friend.

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