{Latest 2018} Top 5 Koh Chang Guest Friendly Hotels

Koh Chang is becoming an increasingly popular island resort among tourists looking for some female company. It is not of the same magnitude as Bangkok or Pattaya but it does support a thriving nightlife. You can find many girls in bars who would be ready to share the room with you for the night. Make sure you book a hotel from our Koh Chang guest friendly hotels list.


If you love girls, beaches, and parties then Koh Chang might just be the right place for you. The second largest island of Thailand is one of the most beautiful islands in the country. The island is a home to a lot of wildlife species like deer, snakes, elephants and rare birds. Away from the huge discos, gogo bars and all the craziness of Bangkok, Phuket, and Pattaya, Koh Chang is famous for its relaxing beach bars, beer bars, pubs, live music etc. If you meet a girl in the bar, make sure you have an option to choose from our Koh Chang guest friendly hotels to avoid any trouble.

All the action is located on the White Sand Beach that happens to be the center of the island. The activities in this beach are not limited to just water sports. Make sure you visit the beer bars of ‘Little Pattaya’ on the south end of the beach to maximize your chances of any action. You can try your luck in the discos that operate little down the road. You can have a different kind of fun as compared to those big islands and cities.


Most of the hotels may not allow you to bring back an unregistered guest, but if you are discreet then there shouldn’t be a problem. Most hotels simply require your guest to present her ID card at the reception for security reasons and it is returned when she leaves. If you book a hotel from the list of Koh Chang guest friendly hotels, you don’t need to worry much.

What are  Koh Chang Guest Friendly Hotels?

A hotel in Koh Chang is considered guest friendly/ bargirl friendly/ girl friendly if it allows a guest to stay overnight without any additional charge. Depending on the hotel policy, you may be charged a joiner fee ranging from $10 to $25 or even higher. Make sure you book from our list of  Koh Chang guest friendly hotels when you travel to this beautiful beach resort town and avoid paying any additional charges. I have taken time out of my personal routine to gather information about the hotel policies with respect to guests.

Room Rates

$ $$ $$$ $$$$
< 1000฿ < 2000฿ < 3000฿ > 4000฿
26 EUR 53 EUR 79 EUR 114 EUR
28 USD 57 USD 86 USD 106 USD
37 AUD 74 AUD 112 AUD 149 AUD
40 NZD 78 NZD 117 NZD 155 NZD
221 HKD 443 HKD 665 HKD 886 HKD
40 SGD 81 SGD 121 SGD 161 SGD
37 CAD 74 CAD 111 CAD 149 CAD

Here is the list of Top Koh Chang Guest Friendly Hotels-

  1. Alina Grande Koh Chang Guest Friendly Hotel


The name comprises of 2 hotels split by the main road namely the Alina Resort and the Alina Grande Hotel.  The former belongs to the superior category while the latter represents the deluxe category. The staff is amicable. The rooms in the Alina Grande Hotel are basically equipped with old-school TV, a fridge, sliding doors etc. The rooms are soundproof as well. The only thing it lacks is a room safe. There is no extra charge for your female friend in this hotel. The guest needs to deposit her ID at the reception for your safety.

  1. Keeree Ele Koh Chang Guest Friendly Hotel


Located just a 10 minute walk away from the beach, Keeree Ele’ Hotel is a bit up the hill. The hotel was opened in 2009 and is beautifully decorated with all the modern facilities. The rooms are well furnished with a bed, a mini bar, an old generation TV. The hotel staff is amicable and do not have any problem with an overnight guest. The hotel requires your guests to present her ID card at the reception. The hotel would not be responsible for any damage/loss of belongings.

  1. Paddy’s Palms Koh Chang Guest Friendly Hotel & Resort


Paddy’s Palms Resort was opened in 2006 and is a value for money. The hotel is located just 10 minutes away on foot from the White Sands Beach. The hotel provides a comfortable bed, TV, AC unit, free Wi-Fi.  Free breakfast is available All the action in the city is close to this hotel including Little Pattaya’s beer bars. The hotel staff has no problem if you bring back a guest or two. This hotel is highly recommended.

  1. Top Koh Chang Guest Friendly Hotel


Located on the south-end of White Sand Beach just 10 minutes away from the main road, Top Resort is one of the best places to bring back an overnight guest. The hotel provides a serene environment as it is located amongst beautiful gardens. There are 3 types of accommodations available- Rooms, bungalows, and villas. All the rooms are well furnished. The hotel does not charge any fee nor does it require your guest to present her ID card. Bring guests at your own risk.

  1. Baan Ton Rak Boutique Koh Chang Guest Friendly Hotel


Located at Pearl Beach, Baan Ton Rak is a small and pleasant resort. The White Sands Beach is just 1.5 km away from this Resort. All the basic amenities such as TV, Air conditioner, Wi-Fi, safe etc are available in this hotel. Do rent a scooter if you plan to stay at this hotel for quicker transport to the beach. The hotel does to charge an extra fee if you bring back an overnight guest. It is preferred that you book a room for two people.

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