{Latest 2018} Top 5 Pattaya Guest Friendly Hotels

It is next to impossible to be out in Pattaya and not notice the population of bar-girls, freelancers along the Beach Road. Some people love it, some hate it. Pattaya is among the top 5 destinations for tourists in Thailand. Pattaya boasts of an exciting nightlife with hundreds of bars, discos, and other venues. Be sure to check out our list of Pattaya guest friendly hotels if you are hoping for some action.


Hotels that are targeting families will charge you an extra fee if you bring back a guest to your room. This can cost as much as 1500 baht ($47). The girls will be willing to go back with you to your room for a trifle as compared to Western prices. All the hotels mentioned in the Pattaya guest friendly hotels list are quite popular among like-minded visitors. It is recommended that you book a room for two people if you are setting up to have regular guests back with you. The hotels on the list are located in the prime locations of North, Central and South Pattaya. The rates vary from budget to 5-star but all hotels offer great value for money and excellent services.

Mentioned below is a list of Pattaya guest friendly hotels. Many hotels now offer free Wi-Fi along with other amenities. The hotels are capricious and change their policies often. The prices may vary depending upon the season. Generally, if a hotel is guest-friendly, it is also considered ladyboy friendly. Pattaya has become one of the fastest growing cities in the world and is very often the primary choice for nightlife lovers across the globe.


What are Pattaya Guest Friendly Hotels?

A hotel in Pattaya is considered guest friendly, or bar-girl friendly if it does not charge extra money for bringing back an unregistered guest to your hotel room. Keep in mind that all hotels do not have an open policy that allows you to take back unregistered guests to your hotel room. Some hotels bluntly refuse while others may charge you a hefty fee for any such activity. So if you accidentally book a hotel that is not among the Pattaya guest friendly hotels, be prepared to pay anywhere close to 500 THB per night or even more. I have taken time out of my personal routine to prepare a list of hotels that will allow you to bring back a girl to your room at no extra cost. This list does not indicate the respectability of the hotels by any means.

Room Rates

$ $$ $$$ $$$$
< 1000฿ < 2000฿ < 3000฿ > 4000฿
26 EUR 53 EUR 79 EUR 114 EUR
28 USD 57 USD 86 USD 106 USD
37 AUD 74 AUD 112 AUD 149 AUD
40 NZD 78 NZD 117 NZD 155 NZD
221 HKD 443 HKD 665 HKD 886 HKD
40 SGD 81 SGD 121 SGD 161 SGD
37 CAD 74 CAD 111 CAD 149 CAD

List of Pattaya Guest Friendly Hotels

  1. Aya Boutique Pattaya Guest Friendly Hotel


Located on the Pattaya city walk, Aya Boutique Hotel is just a 15-second walk away from the Beach Road. The rooms are modern and clean with comfortable beds, flat screen TV, free Wi-Fi, small balcony etc. The ambiance is serene at night. The hotel staff is amicable and allows you to bring back a girl without any trouble. It is preferred to book a room for two to avoid any extra charge. The hotel keeps the ID card of the guest for your safety.

  1. Areca Lodge Pattaya Guest Friendly Hotel


Located in Central Pattaya, the Areca Lodge Hotel boasts of large comfortable rooms equipped with fridge, flat-screen TV, and a small balcony. The resort has been split into 3 wings. The Evergreen Wing is peaceful in the evening. It takes you less than 10 minutes to reach the Beach Road on foot. The hotel policy allows only 2 people per double room. You have to pay an extra price (300 Baht/night/person) for a third person. Visitors below the age of 20 are not allowed and other visitors must present their ID cards on arrival.

  1. Sabai Resort Pattaya Guest Friendly Hotel


Located in North Pattaya, right next to Central Festival Shopping Center, the Sabai Resort is just a 5-minute walk from the beach. The rooms are distant from the common din despite the resort being in a lively neighborhood. Free Wi-Fi is offered to the guests along with the 3 pools. The hotel does not charge any extra fee for the potential visitors you might bring. It is preferred to book a room for two and present the ID card of the guest at the reception.

  1. Intimate Pattaya Guest Friendly Hotel


Formerly known as Tim Boutique Hotel, the Intimate Hotel is located in Pattaya city area, right next to the Second Road. The beach is only a few minutes away by foot. The hotel is in the vicinity of many bars, restaurants, shopping plazas, and nightlife activities. The rooms are spacious, clean, and well furnished with all the amenities. The hotel allows 2 people to stay per room. If you bring a third person then you have to pay 1000 THB. The guest should not be below the age of 20.

  1. The Encore Pattaya Guest Friendly Hotel


Located in the heart of Pattaya, Encore Walking Street Guest House is a budget hotel that provides all the amenities such as Wi-Fi, air conditioner, Mini Bar, TV, and a safe. The hotel staff is amicable and the hotel is a value for money. They do not charge any extra money if you bring back a guest with you. It is still preferred to book a room for two to avoid any extra charges. Also, ask your guests to carry a valid ID card along with her.

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